About Us


Enjoy delicious healthy drinks and unique snacks you like..

tasty. healthy. simply.

“Once upon a time
– in the heart of the oldest continent called Europe –
two people met who loved to eat.”


On their way to happiness, they traveled
the whole continent and tasted
amazing food from the cuisines of many different countries.
They had breakfast of elegant croissants under the timeless Iron Lady in Paris,
had homemade ćufte & baked potato with (really) live music
along the Dunaj River in Serbia
or have a traditional pizza on a romantic gondola in Venice.


was created based on everyday life adventures, experience and passion for quality food
to demonstrate
to all people how important it is to enjoy every day to the fullest,
not to be afraid
to accept every life challenge and at the same time,
eat well and health,
even if time is called not.